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10 Homemade Lip Balm Recipes!

Winter is upon us, and along with it comes dry skin and chapped lips!

Check out these amazing recipes for natural, homemade lip balm.


1. Homemade Vanilla Lemongrass Lip Balm

Make up a batch of this lip balm and have enough for yourself and to give away as gifts. The ingredients are all natural and non-toxic.



2. DIY Lemonade Lip Balm

This DIY lip balm is perfect for summer time because it is lemonade flavored, and what says summertime more than lemonade?


3. Green Tea SPF Lip Balm

Keep your lips nice and smooth and protect them from the sun all at the same time with this homemade lip balm.


4. Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm

This easy to make lip balm is a soft pink color with a tiny white heart right in the center. Flavored like pink grapefruit, you won’t find a sweeter lip balm recipe anywhere else.


5. DIY Organic Lip Balm

Made with organic ingredients including coco butter and shea butter, this lip balm will keep your lips healthy and moisturized.


6. DIY Healing and Nourishing Lip Balm

Make lip balm at home using this easy recipe that will heal cracked and chapped lips in those cold winter months.


 7. Homemade Lip Balm

This recipe tells you how to make lip balm in two different flavors – orange kiss and sweet lemon. This is one of the easiest recipes for lip balm you will find.


8. Lip Balm Recipe

Forget those store bought lip balms made with harmful chemical and ingredients and go with this easy to make, all natural lip balm instead. You’ll be glad you made the switch.


9. Hemp and Honey Lip Balm

This recipe creates a lip balm that is a little softer than most other lip balms and is very moisturizing.


10. Homemade Peppermint Lip Balm

This is the perfect lip balm to make at Christmas time because it is peppermint flavored. Make up a batch of this and give away little tubes of this as Christmas presents.


Easy to maintain plants for your apartment!

Don’t have much of a green thumb?


Check out these plants that thrive on little sunlight.

Making It!

Who else loved the show Parks and Rec?

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman (Leslie and Ron) are coming out with a new show called Making It!

Psst…one of our swans are even named after Ron Swanson!

“The show will function like most creative competition series. Think Project Runway or Iron Chef. Each week will feature two challenges. One will be a short timed challenge that will force contestants to think on their feet. The second will be what’s called a “master craft collection.” Contestants will work on a “themed” challenge that focuses on trends. Together, their projects will form a themed craft collection.”

The Amazing Maize Maze!

Looking for a fun outdoor activity to enjoy this fall?

Located less than an hour and a half away from Greensboro, you can find one of the largest corn mazes in the southeast!  Spanned over 7 acres, you can try to make your way through the Rural Hills Maze.  The annual pumpkin fest is this weekend, October 14.

Outdoor Fall Fun!

Our hometown has some amazing parks and outdoor activities to do in the fall season!

The Bogg Garden is one of my favorites because it’s very quiet and secluded.  Meander along 7 acres of natural wetlands on an elevated boardwalk while listening to a beautiful waterfall and wildlife!  1101 Hobbs Road, Greensboro.

If you’re looking for something with a little more city bustle, check out Center City Park.  Located in downtown Greensboro, this park features social activities, art exhibits, music, and much more!


Love where you live!  The Lodge at Lakeshore is the place to be.


Check out this link to see all Greensboro has to offer!

Good Eats in Greensboro!

Have you tried Mediterranean food yet?  Step outside your comfort zone and check out Sarah’s Kabob Shop on West Market Street!

Check out their fantastic menu that incorporates healthy options like fresh veggies and dips!

It’s also conveniently located about ten minutes away from The Lodge at Lakeshore.

First Friday’s Downtown

What a great way to start off the month! Stop by downtown Greensboro the first Friday of every month to see local artists and musicians!

First Friday Event

Events that you might see…

Caricatures, salsa dancing, pottery demos, improv music, public picnics, handmade and upcycled vintage clothing and accessories, open air market, antiques, square dancing, improve comedy, live music, Tai-Chi, spoken word, giant paper balloons and much more!

Stores are open later and there are lots of people to mingle with! Grab your bestie and stop by at the next first Friday, June 3rd!

Fine Dining in The Boro’

New to the area?? Are you as indecisive as I am?! Well to make things more complicated, I have several places for dining that you might want to consider, right here in Greensboro!

sushi republic ~ known for their sushi… obviously!

329 Tate Street


STUMBLE STILSKINS ~ known for their wings and “gourmet” burger menu

202 W. Market Street


Smith Street Diner ~ known for their great food & great service

438 Battleground Ave.


Scuppernog Books ~ Books.Wine.Community

304 S Elm. Street


EMMA KEYS ~ known for their Flat-Top Burgers

2206 Walker Ave.


sticks&stones ~ known for their clay-oven pizza (MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!)

2200 Walker Ave.


These are only a FEW of the many AMAZING restaurants in Greensboro! What are your favorites?? Let us know!

Paint Your Apartment for Therapy!

I love painting my apartment! It’s relaxing and therapeutic and really makes the space feel like my home! I love to make my home feel more inviting and was eager to spruce it up!

(Tip: If you are not the most handy or just don’t have the time, The Lodge at Lakeshore Maintenance team will paint for you! Ask the office team for more information!)

There is so much inspiration to be found around Greensboro, NC especially the vintage shops downtown! In looking for the right color from the hand-made mug I found at Just Be! I went to the local Lowe’s that’s just 2 miles from The Lodge at Lakeshore and spoke to their paint rep who helped me mix the perfect color red for my apartment! It turned out amazing!

But did you know all of the psychological aspects of painting a room?


What you expect: Passion, Warmth, Anger
What else it can inspire: Coziness. Red objects seem closer to you than if they were another color.


Photo From ApartmentTherapy.Com


What you expect: Warmth, Fun, Courage
What else it can inspire: Hunger. Orange is as stimulating to your appetite as it is to your sense of adventure.


What you expect: Serenity, Intelligence, Trust
What else it can inspire: Cold. Literally, physical coldness. People who are cold prefer warm colors around them for that reason.


Check out this awesome article from!

Helpful Link of the Day:

It’s July! Which means it’s time to get out of the apartment for some cookouts, fireworks and… tubing?

Up until a couple years ago I had no idea about this amazing summer activity. I italicized activity because it’s really one of the laziest outdoor adventures you’ll ever go on. But that’s why it’s sometimes the perfect thing to do on a hot summer day in the Piedmont Triad.
Today I want to show you how you can easily go tubing in a single afternoon with just a couple friends and a couple bucks.
The first, and laziest way of tubing, is to get out of Greensboro and head up to the Dan River Adventures in Madison (about 45 minutes away) and pay to rent a tube and get a ride. It’s simple, easy, and doesn’t cost a ton. Here’s the link to the website
The other way to go tubing is the way of the locals. The “Do It Yourself” way. This is for people who enjoy tubing and are probably going back. The great thing about tubing in Madison is that there are public entrances to the Dan river, and for the 4th of July weekend, they open up the dam a little to get higher water levels. So all you need to do is purchase a tube at Walmart and head out with a couple friends.
Here’s how we did it in a step by step process.
1-Get the tubes from Walmart. They are in the outdoor section near the hunting/fishing/sports corner. I personally bought two tubes. 1 for me. and 1 for my cooler 🙂 The tube for me was around $7 after tax and the special one for a cooler was about $13.
1 1/2- For extra ease and a little extra money, buy the air pump. It plugs into your car and will blow up the tubes a little faster.
2- While you’re at the store go ahead and grab some snacks and drinks.
3- Look up the public entrances for the Dan river in Madison. I’ll make it easy. go here- Once you’re there, download the river guide. It’s very well done and has a nice easy map. The written directions are confusing… or maybe that’s just me. I like maps.
4- Take two cars and drop one off at the public access where you’ll be getting out. it’s only 2 1/2 miles away from the entrance to the river. go ahead and walk down to the river so you know what to look for when you’re getting off the tubes.
5- Head over to the Lindsey bridge access and blow up the tubes.
6- Hop in the water and enjoy a couple hours of relaxation.
7- Don’t miss your exit!
After you do it once you’ll be a pro. Then you can take friends and look cool for knowing this local spot and having your own gear. Admittedly, if you only do this once a summer… just go to the Dan River Adventures. But keep in mind, it’s free once you’ve got your gear!
I hope this helps make your summer better. Have a great weekend and maybe I’ll see you on the river!

River tubing

Although if you are looking to stay in Greensboro this weekend, The Lodge at Lakeshore apartments has kayak and fishing rentals that always help you relax and have fun!